Domani Contemporary

Multi Media Artwork by Dimitry Domani
Through my art I celebrate life and strive to capture the beauty within humanity. My art is a uniquely abstract and stylized approach to capture the figure as I find my inspiration within everyday people. I believe that the figure caries significant meaning, it provides resemblance, recognition and conveys issues of social significance. My art communicates a perception of humanity on an emotional level. It is here that my art-sculptures and paintings- find a voice and become an investigation into our society, our history and expresses a commentary that feel is relevant to our world today. I believe that within the human form, our history is alive with either some vision or beauty or an opposite form of meaning of historical truth. My desire is to translate my art into a statement both humanistic and representational into human values and touch upon our personal and spiritual conditions ~ Dimtry Domani

Dimitry was selected “Artist of the Month” by Wandering Educators!
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Dimitry Domani

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A Small Sample of My Art
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Available for freelance work and commissions

Dimitry Domani
(505) 570-7758
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